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Why Choose Our Platform?

Because we will get your website ready within a few days, which you can then edit to your hearts content! Or ask us to design it for you.

We believe in personalisation which is why we get the framework of the website up and ready so you can make your website look your way!

Super Drive Your Marketing

This is perfect if you are looking for our agency to take over and disrupt the online shopping experience by getting you up and running with all the features listed out below.

We hit multiple markets, utilising hot spots where people hang out digitally. What do we mean?… some people use IG, and others use FB and other people check their emails more than their socials (really??… yep), so why not hit all avenues at the same time?

Thats exactly what we plan to do, once we have stacks of followers/subscribers then we can focus on super interesting content like introducing special offer email campaigns, competitions over socials, blogs around subjects people are talking about and much more.

Our usual plan of action is whats listed below, but if you need something specific done please talk to us.

  • Social posts x 12 (can contain – your products, infographics, reviews, FAQ’s etc)
  • Manual reach out (usually get between 50 – 200 followers a month on IG)
  • FB / IG ads promoting your brand, getting traffic to your website with a £500 ad budget, this is great for getting potential customers to sign up to the mail campaigns – see below
  • 8 stories (based off of the posts and other content)
  • influencer marketing – we start with 10 influencers promoting your brand then each month we work out campaigns for existing or new influencers, (some influencers can incur additional costs – this is to be expected of highly followed influencers) We might also will need your products to send to the influencers
  • set up sign up form for mail marketing (we use the traffic from the FB / IG ads)
  • 4 email campaigns a month (promotions, FAQ, product releases etc) *
  • Welcome emails (automated every time someone signs up, we can put in a small discount code to encourage newly signed up subscribers to turn into customers)
  • cart abandonment flows (anytime a logged in user gets to checkout but doesnt buy will receive an automated email with details of their cart prompting them to finish the checkout process)
  • SEO based blogs x 2 (boosts organic traffic to the website)

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Thats the beauty of Options Plus, you can get our team to build it for you, or give it a go yourself!

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Our Advanced Plan comes with a free email account, and we get you set up with a email marketing campaign management software

OP steps to success

Your Ecom journey

See the Steps to Build your Store


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Choose from one of our packages to get a website framework up and running


Set Up Your Store

The upload your images and change any text, plus fill in the details for your store (or get us to do it!)


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Then start pushing your brand through marketing whether that’s social media, ads or email marketing!

We are always here to help!

From building your website for you or answering your support questions when you are building it yourself – just message us

What Can You Build?

Types Of Websites

Shopping Website – This is a standard ecommerce website designed to sell products

Catalogue Website – This is a website to show your whole range of products or services without the function of purchases

Showcase Website – This is simple to create a website for the sake of displaying information about your business or brand

and Much More

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