How to Set Up Automated Emails

Using An SMTP Relay

First of all what is a SMTP Relay?

This is a way your new website can use an existing email address to send out emails. For example, it can send an automated email to a client who has just purchased a product from you.
Setting It Up
On your new website go to the dashboard and click “WP Mail SMTP” on the left panel.
Then click on the “Launch Setup Wizard”
This will launch a step by step process. This will ask for information needed depending on what service you use such as gmail, outlook etc.

Continue filling in each step and once done click on “Send a test email” to make sure its working.

This process can be complex depending on who your provider is (outlook, gmail etc) But we can do this on your behalf for free when buying the advanced packaged. The advanced package comes with email hosting and a custom domain to link your emails to – The complete solution for automated emails

Getting Them To Work Properly
Once you have set up your emails, we need to make sure your website is using them!

Go to Woo Commerce > Settings > Emails

There will be a list of automated emails and the column we are most interested in is the “Recipients”!
this is where the website will send the email to.

So for “New Order” we definitely want this email to go to you – The Shop Manager – to notify you there is a new order.

So to change any of these emails click on “Manage” and then go ahead and change the email to your one that was set up in the steps at the start of this guide.

Also double check the email under the list in the section called “Email Sender Options” – you will ant to change this too!